Writing Tips: What is Writing, Themes, and Techniques

Often we do not know how to start, argue or complete a text. So here are some writing tips for you to get out of this doubt. Check out.

Present in our daily lives, the essay is in newspapers, magazines, the internet, books and various other places. However, many people still do not know how to write a text.

Still, at some point in your life you will need to do some writing. So here are some writing tips so you can write quality text with ease.

What is essay

Writing is about the process of writing a text. According to researches, the term originates in the Latin redactio onis, and is nothing more than to write.

The act of writing is to convey to the paper an idea or thought. When we write, we organize these ideas so that we can communicate a message to the reader.

Whether it’s in school, a college entrance examination, a quiz, or even a job interview, at some point in your life you can write a text.

However, you may think, “Oh, I do not know how to write.” But you do! It all depends on your dedication, practice and time. It is very important for you to know how to expose your ideas and develop your creative side through writing. Here are some writing tips that will help you.


When writing any text, the first thing we need to have is a theme, a subject to be handled throughout the text. Every type of writing needs a theme to be developed.

A good writing tip is to seek to write on subjects that you have mastery. However, if a topic is provided, what has been proposed should be developed.

In addition, understanding the subject and knowing how to interpret it is fundamental. This makes it easier not to run away from the topic and write quality text. After all, it is very important that your essay has adequate and coherent details and explanations.

What are the writing techniques

To apply the techniques of writing it is necessary to know the three types of texts:

  • Dissertation: argumentative text, where the theme is written with the opinions of the writer.
  • Descriptive: text based on characterizing events, people, places, objects and situations.
  • Narrative: text where the writer tells a story. The essay has the purpose of exposing a set of facts. This type of text is very common in short stories, novels and fables.

Among the techniques, the main one is to know how to divide and structure the text well. As we present and give some writing tips below:

  • Introduction: presentation of the topic to be treated, besides identifying the issues to be developed throughout the text.
  • Development: develop the ideas and arguments related to the theme. In development, the idea should be defended and the questions presented in the introduction should be answered.
  • Conclusion: it is the end of the text. In conclusion the subjects are addressed again, but briefly. Also presented is a possible action to be taken or a solution to what has been presented.

When writing the text you must follow this sequence. This makes it easier for the reader to understand what is being written. In addition, it avoids that the text is very extensive, since only what is important is being written.

Writing Development Tips

The development of writing is the central part of the text. This is because in it will be described and organized all the positioning around the theme. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to what is being written in order to develop a coherent text.

The development of the text is composed by the argumentation and positioning adopted in relation to the presented problem. This argument must be described with authority, with logical thinking and if possible with the presentation of concrete evidence.

In addition, there are some writing tips to better develop this part of your text:

  • Make quotations: When using phrases and thoughts of authors on the subject, the text becomes more quality.
  • Use illustrations: the use of images makes the text richer and, if chosen, the image draws attention of the reader.
  • Do not write more than 60% in development. That is, if your text is 30 lines, use only 18 for that part.
  • Avoid repetition of words.
  • Avoid describing in too many details.

In addition, it is very important to use transition words, such as: but, however, in addition, among others. For these words help to give consistency to the text.

Dissertation Writing Completion Tips

The conclusion of a text is the summary, the closure of what was treated. Here are some writing tips for a good conclusion:

  • Use 20% of available rows to complete.
  • Do not use expressions such as “concluding”, “in short”, “ending”.
  • Do not use the phrase “in my opinion”.
  • Create an appropriate closure for the text.
  • Do not raise new questions.
  • Present a solution to the problem.

Writing Tips in Interview

It is very common, during a selection process, to be asked to write. With this, many candidates are frightened by the test because they do not have much knowledge on the subject or on how to write.

However, there is no need to worry. It is certain that the nervousness, the pressure and the desire to conquer the wave will exist. So, bring some writing tips to make you feel more confident and prepared, check out:

Understand the proposed theme, so it is easier to write.

  • If the theme is free, try to write about your life, your achievements or about something of the present;
  • Use the writing techniques and organize the text;
  • Do not use slang, nor many foreign words;
  • Avoid mistakes in Portuguese;
  • Avoid overeating and be clear;
  • Build a good structure, with short, cohesive sentences;
  • Give your opinion.

Remember that you have to train a lot and be very careful when creating your texts. Do not let any details go unnoticed. Create a strong, grounded, and well-argued text.

So by using these writing tips, you will develop practice and you will do well in any text that is proposed to you.